Used mobile phones: your guide to a safe purchase

You wouldn’t purchase a car without having done your research first and used mobile phones shouldn’t be any different. Read our used phone buying guide to become used phone experience and buy yours smartly, securely and safely.

Usually, used mobile phones are bought directly from the prior owner, meaning there’s no insurance coverage or guarantee on the phone, and the phone may be grazed and is available without its original packaging or accessories. Although you may purchase from a reputable seller, the phone won’t have been refurbished by any means, and there might be hidden problems you’re unacquainted with.

Refurbished mobile phones are the ones that have been subject to professional restoration to ensure they are at an ‘as good as new’ standard prior to being sold on. Refurbished smartphones undergo many points checks to be certain all of their key functions are in top working order. Buying a refurbished mobile phone could help you save money, but don’t get into it. In most cases when buying a second-hand mobile phone, refurbished is the way to go. refurbished  means the product has been given back to a close-to-original condition and will be cheaper than a new model too. And with refurbished smartphones, you normally have some sort of insurance if a problem with your device rears its head (like a 3-month warranty).

Choosing the perfect used phone safely

With regards to purchasing used mobile phones, you can either choose a reputable seller or an individual. With these sellers, you have proof of purchase and in most cases you have at least a 14-day period to send back the phone if anything’s wrong with it.